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  • Natalie

Why should you choose the Seychelles as your next destination during the Covid-19 pandemic?

1. The Seychelles is COVID-19 Free (almost)

We feel tremendously fortunate to be living here in the Seychelles during the covid-19 pandemic. According to the Island’s National Tourism board, Seychelles “reported a number of 11 cases in total andhas announced the last infected patient tested negative for a continuous number of days and is now considered to be healed from the Covid-19 virus.” There was also a Spanish fishing fleet which lifted the total covid-19 cases to 127, but luckily this was controlled, and according to the Seychelles tourism board the country is now Covid-19 free.

2. The Seychelles is NOT overcrowded ~ You can have the most popular beaches to yourself.

On Mahe, the local population numbers less than 100,000, although the African nation is a popular tourist destination, it managed to keep cases extremely low. There are a number of reasons that COVID-19 cases in the Seychelles remained low, which include but are not limited to; the geographical topography of Seychelles. The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands, which means overcrowding is not be a problem unless you are in the core of downtown Victoria where you might have a higher density of people. Otherwise, any other place in the Seychelles feels almost barren these days.

We have been going to the beaches which used to be the most populated pre-corona times and have been pleasantly surprised to have these places completely to ourselves. We’re talking Cote d’Or and Anse Georgette on Praslin, Anse Source d’Argent on La Digue and Beau Vallon on Mahe. There have been mornings that I have swam in the sea at Beau Vallon, Mahe which would be the most populated, and have had the sea completely to myself. Experiencing these pristine beaches to yourself is something to behold. I have heard stories of people queuing just to swim at Anse Source d’Argent on La Digue, which sounds pretty awful to me. Meanwhile, we have gone twice to Anse Source d’Argent during these pandemic times and on both occasions, we were completely alone on the whole beach.

3. Clean Air in the Seychelles

The Environmental Performance Index (EPI) 2016 report said that the Seychelles has the best quality of air on the planet. By breathing cleaner air you can reduce the risk of incurring diseases and illnesses, perhaps even the spread of COVID-19. stated that, “It has been widely established that air pollution compromises the respiratory system. According to the WHO, ambient air pollution causes 4.2 million premature deaths annually. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists have discovered that excess pressure may be exerted on the patient’s respiratory system due to air pollution.” Even if the link between COVID-19 and air pollution is not confirmed, we still think it is better to be away from air pollution, as you can be sure it certainly is a burden to our health.

4. It is paradise

Even if you get stuck here due to the COVID-19 issues, there are certainly worse places to be stranded. The Seychelles is a beautiful place. You are surrounded in nature here, with lush green tropical forests, and clear sparkling turquoise waters. We have met a number of tourists who chose to stay here during the pandemic as they did not want to return to their home countries. They were able to have all the windows and doors open during lock down, breathing in the fresh air even from inside their accommodation. Most houses have gardens; therefore, you are able to connect with natures beauty from your own front door. We really appreciated being able to access our garden during the lock down time; listening to the birds, collecting fruit from our trees, looking out to the sea, walking on the grass and seeing all the beautiful shades of green that the Seychelles tropical plants provide.

If you have been in lock down in a place where you were not able to connect with nature, this is your place. There are so many gorgeous hikes which provide different experiences, such as being in dense forests, or reaching peaks with magnificent sea views. The beaches are all unique, some with powdery white sand and shallow crystal waters, others with giant granite boulders that you can weave your way around practically playing hide and seek as you walk along, and beaches with a nice surf and the crashing of waves. There are giant aldabra tortoises, rare bird species, juicy fruits growing on the trees, and colourful cheerful flowers to raise your spirits.

5. People are friendly and welcoming

The people on the Seychelles islands are a melting pot of cultures. There are people with backgrounds from Africa, China, India, Maldives, Mauritius, and more. The local Creole food is delicious and fresh, with local fish freshly caught, zesty satinis (chutneys), lentils and Indian style samosas as a snack food. The people are always happy to share with you what being Creole is all about and want you to enjoy your time in this picturesque paradise. If you let your curiosity drive you, you will gain more from your experience in the Seychelles rather than allowing it to only be a beach destination, dig deeper and see what you uncover.

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