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A family guide to the Seychelles (and world travel). A mixture of boho, eco, barefoot, organic living and adventure for families.

Whilst Natalie is working from home as a fulltime parent / teacher / chef / cleaner / inventor / beach bum / creator / master of all trades and more there are passions that exist too. Natalie is passionate about Reiki Healing and in her spare time loves to help others using Reiki. Reiki is an extraordinary therapy to help improve just about any aspect of a person’s life, from physical health to emotional well-being to stress reduction and mental clarity. The reiki techniques she uses help the body, mind and spirit to heal as she was trained as a Reiki Master under Dr. Usui’s System of Natural Healing. She has used Reiki across the globe from home visits to 5-star hotels as a spa therapy. As a Reiki Master, she meditates daily, and works on clearing out her own energy blockages so that she can transmit positive energy to all those around her. Natalie loves Yoga and completed her Yoga Teacher training on the beautiful island of Koh Chang, Thailand. Natalie enjoys helping people find what feels good in their yoga practise and uses both Reiki and Yoga as a means to support people on their journey to whole health. 

David is a full-time chauffeur, dad, cook, bottom wiper, and doer of any other job that his sent his way. He is passionate about his family, beach life and food. He regularly takes food orders and sets about creating master pieces for his girls. Although a trained teacher, and holding a BA and MA, he is also a trained chef, having worked in kitchens across the globe in his youth, from 5 Star Restaurants to backpacker hostels. 

After living together in Thailand, Spain, Canada, UK and Cyprus, Natalie and Dave finally settled in the Seychelles and live happily together with their beautiful daughters. 

So far, our website has seen a 2617% rise in unique visitors over the last 3 months and our last blog received over 25,000 views and 2,500 link clicks and over 4000 Facebook engagements, especially from people in the Seychelles and the U.K. Additionally, one of our most recent blogs was published in the Nation (09/05/20), and our latest hotel review has currently reached over 8,300 people and had over 700 post engagements. 

What makes our blog even more special is that there is no one else on the Seychelles who is blogging about living here. There are only travel bloggers who do a brief write up about best beaches or a quick paragraph reviewing a hotel. We are implementing a change for Seychelles in that we are promoting local business to local people, as well as reaching the world market. At this moment, with the coronavirus stopping international travel to the islands, local businesses will be reliable on locals to stay and use their facilities and we’d like to help promote local business during these hard times. 



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We rely on one meager salary so if you'd like to donate to help keep the website running we'd really appreciate it.

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