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  • Natalie

Loving Life at La Pointe Beach Huts, Praslin.

Outdoor veranda for the villa Veuve Noire, La Pointe

The picturesque La Pointe Beach Huts is tucked away in the south of Praslin island, at St Sauveur beach. The area surrounding the accommodation is incredibly peaceful and serene. The property is only 100 meters away from this quaint coconut palm fringed beach. Around the property you are immersed in the tropical trees. Even the beachside road to get to La Pointe is spectacular as the road weaves along huge granite boulders and inviting sparking turquoise waters. As soon as we arrived, we could hear the famous Praslin black parrot!

There are 5 independent chalets which feel elegant and bohemian using natural touches throughout the décor of shells, drift wood and rocks. They actually did not demolish the granite rocks when building so in some suites you have the granite rock as part of the environment. Our villa, Veuve Noire, had two bedrooms with an en suite bathroom each complete with two showers in each bathroom, one indoor and one outdoor. It was so much fun as my little ones loved each having their own showers side by side. The outdoor shower felt very beachy adorned with gorgeous local polished shells under the shade of the Takamaka trees. There was plenty of hot water so you can have a nice warm shower under the stars in the cool of the night. The bed was extremely plush and comfortable, with the perfect soft sheets and deluxe pillows to sleep peacefully.

We loved all the natural design touches, especially the light fixtures in the bedrooms and veranda. Our private veranda had a little pool which was perfect for our children. They loved jumping in and out then taking breaks to relax on the beautiful and cozy outdoor furniture. At any point while you are enjoying the outdoor space, you are lulled by the sound of the waves gently rolling and the contented twittering of the tropical birds.

Immersed in nature at La Pointe Beach Huts

We were pleasantly surprised to find the kitchen was fully equipped with all modern comforts including good quality utensils, electronics etc. The stove top was extremely efficient and quick as well as the kettle, both of which are very good quality. We were able to do laundry using our own laundry machine and even our own dishwasher! This was a truly step up for us in the Airbnb world, making our holiday feel a lot more relaxed being able to just pop the dishes in the dishwasher and go back to our house with clean clothing! We really felt at home cooking on the open veranda and enjoyed eating outside for every meal. My husband and I both wanted to cook in this space and actually looked forward to preparing meals here. Can you think of a better place to cook and eat, that surpasses being in a tropical forest overlooking the sea?

Luxurious bedroom with views out to the trees and sea

Aretha, the owner, was so accommodating and ensures you have everything you need for a comfortable stay and helped us to get some things we needed on several occasions. Her son, being close in age to my daughters was a fine play mate for the girls and was kind to share some toys with us. Marie, an extremely friendly staff at La Pointe, will ensure all your needs are met with a smile. She is so amiable, kind and enthusiastic, going out of her way to help you have the perfect stay. Marie can also prepare any creole dish you fancy and we were fortunate to try some delicious fresh chutney made with local bilimbi fruits made at La Pointe.

The outdoor shower is the best at La Pointe Beach Huts

The closest shopping area is Grand Anse which is about 5 kilometers away. We were using the bus system which wasn’t very reliable therefore we would highly recommend a car rental. Aretha will be able to help you organise an excellent car rental for your stay. Otherwise the location is perfect as we found we were close to get to Valle de Mai which was only 8 minutes away by car.

We loved exploring this side of Praslin with its empty beaches and lush vegetation. We ended up booking an extra night, staying a total of 5 nights as we couldn't bear to leave! Even on day trips around the island we were always eagerly ready to get back to our own slice of heaven. Our villa, Veuve Noire, is truly a home away from home in that it has everything you need to ensure that you have a comfortable stay. Even with that homely feel, it is able to be a luxury destination due to its plush furnishings, stunning views, private pool, proficient service and serene location.

Beachfront at La Pointe Beach Huts

We are exceptionally grateful for our stay at La Pointe, and would love to hear about your experiences there as we are sure, without a doubt, that it will be an amazing experience for your time on Praslin.

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