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  • Dave Danger

Boho Family World

So far, our website has seen a 2617% rise in unique visitors over the last 3 months and our last blog received over 25,000 views and 2,500 link clicks and over 4000 Facebook engagements, especially from people in the Seychelles and the U.K. Additionally, one of our most recent blogs was published in the Nation (09/05/20), and our latest hotel review has currently reached over 8,300 people and had over 700 post engagements.

What makes our blog even more special is that there is no one else on the Seychelles who is blogging about living here. There are only travel bloggers who do a brief write up about best beaches or a quick paragraph reviewing a hotel. We are implementing a change for Seychelles in that we are promoting local business to local people, as well as reaching the world market. At this moment, with the coronavirus stopping international travel to the islands, local businesses will be reliable on locals to stay and use their facilities and we’d like to help promote local business during these hard times.

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