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Should you stay at Le Repaire Boutique Hotel on La Digue?

Le Repaire Boutique Hotel – La Digue,Seychelles

BohoFamilyWorld Reviewed

Excitedly, after being in the house for ages during lockdown we booked ourselves a getaway to La Digue to check out Le Repaire Boutique Hotel. We couldn’t wait to feel free to explore the Seychelles again, especially now with more reasonable rates from hotels as well as wanting to support local businesses. Upon our arrival on to La Digue, we easily found the charming antique rickshaw which transports the baggage to the hotel. The walk from the pier was roughly ten minutes straight down a beautiful shaded road where cyclists casually cruised by. Upon arrival at the hotel we were warmly greeted by Marco, the very gracious assistant manager. We received cooling hand towels to wash our hands and refreshing sweet iced tea with an infusion of lemongrass.

The hotel setting is truly jaw-dropping; set in a whimsical lush garden with the turquoise sea as the backdrop. With two swimming pools to tempt you which are both next to the beach, one in the shade, which is nice and refreshing, and one in the sun which is warm. Hint, the warm pool is nice for an evening swim under the stars. The garden has a pleasant path to meander alongside colourful flowers including a vast array of red hibiscus, fragrant frangipani, and purple wisteria juxtaposed amongst vibrant verdures. The sounds of bird song and waves gently colliding with the shoreline make for a soothing scenery. It’s no wonder the name of the hotel is “Le Repaire,” which means to repair; restoring oneself to wholeness. Our room, the “vakwa” was simply divine. We felt that we were in our own paradisiacal abode as the room is sequestered amongst the tropical greenery. A big glass sliding door overlooks the sheltered outdoor sitting area and beyond the vegetation you can see the glittering of the sea and your own private balcony. The balcony has natural blinds to enclose your balcony to make for a romantic little spot on an evening or private shaded area during the day. The room has a tropical feel with warm honey hued wood furniture, foliage themed cushion covers and a green accent wall. The shower has the perfect water pressure with a rainfall shower head. The bed has your full comfort in mind, as it has just the right firmness with lots of cushions to get super cozy.

The atmosphere here is very relaxed. There isn’t any noise pollution, or rush and bustle and you truly feel at ease. The lobby and lounge area are tastefully decorated with George Camille art which integrates well with the natural setting surrounding the room itself. We had the pleasure of dining at the Italian Restaurant. We had a fusilli pasta with vegetables and margarita pizza. The pasta was delicious, and the pizza was paper thin, as we like it with ample sauce and cheese. The hosts were very accommodating and friendly. The cost of the meal was average prices in the Seychelles which we consider ranging as high. For these two dishes and a bottle of water, it cost 500 rupees. We thought about having our meal on the beach, but this would add 800 rupees to the bill so opted to dine on the restaurant patio. Though if you can afford to do so, it seems a lovely spot to enjoy sunset as the beach Is very private and tranquil.

The breakfast at Le Repaire is done via a menu. We prefer this over a buffet as the food is prepared fresh and is therefore better quality which is certainly the case at Le Repaire. We were delighted to have fresh carambola juice and proper Italian coffee to start of our breakfast. The menu had an array of options including fresh cut fruits, yogurt, porridge, eggs done any way you like them including omelettes, toast with condiments (butter, honey, jam, marmalade), cereals, homemade waffles or pancakes, French toast and meat selections. We tried and tested various dishes each day (aside from the meat) and we thought everything was very good. We especially savoured the fresh fruits, the omelets, and the French toast which were all delicious. We felt very stress-free dining at the restaurant where our requests were met with eagerness to please.

Every day the cleaners came to tidy our room making it spic and span again. We were touched to see that they had carefully arranged our children’s toys which made our girls light up with delight. We always were given fresh towels and it was nice to feel so looked after. The grounds are cared for day and night. We observed the gentleman who cleans the pool coming in bright and early even before my kids could jump in. The beach is raked every morning to eliminate any seaweed or debris which may have washed up. The hotel is really well cared for and loved by all the staff members, especially Marco who works so hard, which makes the environment feel cherished by all who visit.

The whole time you are at Le Repaire, you can listen to the gentle waves soothing your every moment. We found the room was naturally a good temperature and most of our time did not require air conditioner which also allowed us to be able to listen to the sea. Le Repaire has in our opinion, a great location, as we really loved the beach upon which it is located as it is full of palm trees, has shallow waters for children to swim in, and does not have big waves. The site is near several shops, including the two largest shops and is also a ten-minute walk to both the pier and Union Estate. We were able to rent reasonably priced bicycles from Le Repaire in order to cycle to Grand Anse which was a worthwhile adventure. Plus, La Digue is just the best island in our opinion so we would come back in a heartbeat.

On our last evening I felt a pang of sadness that our stay had come to an end. Watching our girls splashing in the pool was so much fun. My eldest daughter learned to swim to the bottom of the pool during our stay, diving for objects. Her confidence in the water has grown tenfold thanks to being able to use these two fabulous swimming pools. As I watched the yellow and orange hues creating a golden radiance around us, I felt so grateful for the time that we spent at Le Repaire. One last starry swim to end our stay and all is well in the world…til our next restorative holiday at Le Repaire!

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