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  • David

Surviving a "Lockdown" in the Seychelles.

Inevitably Seychelles is now in "Lockdown" mode, with Covid 19 potentially going rampant around the island. The government has advised all non-essential workers to stay home, and with the ensuing rush to STC, some people may have decided to stay home (wise), so what now? What can you eat? Well, luckily the Seychelles provides an abundance of food that you might not have thought about. Below are some things to consider eating now that you're housebound and some links to our favourite recipes using these obscure food items.

Jackfruit Seeds

It's a massive hassle getting them out, but they're a great nut supplement;

Moringa Leaves (and beans)

Moringa is everywhere on the island and the leaves and beans make a great addition to any meal;

Banana Peel Bacon

As we discussed in a previous blog, banana peel makes a great bacon alternative;

Starfruit Leaves

Not only does it provide a delicious fruit, but the leaves are great spinach replacement;

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