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  • David

How do you get to Silhouette?

Silhouette Island, visible for most of the North West Coast from Bel Ombre to Glacis. Visible, but for the budget traveller, not accessible. Its 20kms away, so too far to swim through an unpredictable sea. Well there must be a boat then? That’s right, there is, and the Hilton will kindly transport you to and from the island for a meagre 1500 Rupees, about 90 Euros (which includes a lunch). Ok, well there’s loads of boats around, someone can surely take me. Yes, if you have a spare 600 Euros you can easily charter a boat. Hmmm, how about the fisherman, can’t I hop a ride with them? Possibly, if you’re brave and able to negotiate. So, I guess I’ll just have to stare longingly at it

from my house.

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