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  • David

What makes us happy?

What sets your heart on fire?

From an early age we're told what makes us happy. We're told to hide how we feel. We're told off if we cry. We're asked to eat when we're not hungry. We're asked to be silent when we want to scream. We're taught to act in a way that makes others happy.

We get caught up in doing what we're supposed to do to make us happy. Do well at school. Get a degree. Get a good job. Get married. Have kids. Buy a nice car, a house, a pet. Look good. Act good. All in the name of happiness.

But happiness isn't material. It's a choice you make everyday. A journey. It's choosing life, to live. It's being, not doing; feeling, not thinking.

So what makes us happy?

Laying in a hammock, reading, good eating, silent evenings, music, our children, being in nature, exploring, cuddling, the sea.

Happiness is being present. (Laying in a hammock)

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