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Every part of the tree is used here in Seychelles. The coconut oil is used in Creole cooking and the flesh is used either grated or squeezed to make milk for cooking. Coconut cookies are often for at small shops. Fresh coconuts are abundant on the beach and on offer at any restaurant. The water is clear and very refreshing to drink. It has high potassium and antioxidants. We love coconuts and open one nearly every time we're on the beach. We also make our own coconut milk and are working on making oil. We use them all the time in cooking at home. Check out some of our recipes using coconut. You can pick these up all over the island, especially at Beau Vallon. Just as an FYI, you can get a bunch of coconuts for 25 Rupees in the Market, or a fresh young coconut for 25 Rupees in STC, so have this in mind when haggling with teh coconut traders. 

Check out our video on How to forage and open a coconut.

Optima Organic Coconut Oil, 453 g

See our Eating section for recipes using this item.

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