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Cassava is the third largest source of carbohydrates in the world with Africa it’s largest producer. Parts of the plant can be toxic so it must be washed very well, peeled and cooked or dried to destroy the toxins. The roots are boiled with coconut milk and sugar in the dessert ladob or simply baked into breads or cakes. Cassava flour is a widely used gluten free flour. Cassava contains B vitamins and several minerals; it also helps nurture beneficial gut bacteria. Try out some Cassava Chips at Beau Vallon Market. Cassava can also be ground down into a powder and is apparently a great remedy for prickly heat. 

Wholefood Earth - Organic White Cassava Flour - Low-GI - GMO Free - Vegan - No additives - 3kg

See our Eating section for recipes using this item.

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