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Morning: 5:30 Am: If you are like our kids, you’re up before the sun rises. We take this opportunity to relish in the quiet. I absolutely love this time of day when it doesn’t feel too hot, and the darkness is in itself cooling. Sometimes my kids won’t get up for another hour, and I still pull myself out of bed to enjoy the world mostly still enwrapped in slumber. Tune in to the bird song in the Seychelles as it is such a joyful sound to wake up to. Grab your cup of morning goodness and watch the fruit bats soaring through the sky with your family. If you’re up early enough then you might catch the moonlight reflecting over the sea along with the last morning stars slowly fading. 

After Sunrise, around 6:30 am; assemble an easy and delicious breakfast picnic of local fruits and head down to the nearest beach for an early morning swim. This is so invigorating. You’ll have the beach to yourself and not to worry about the sun’s strong rays at this time. Sink your teeth into juicy fruits to keep hydrated and try opening your own coconut by watching our video on how to open coconuts. Once you’ve done your pre breakfast swim and you’ve breakfasted on local fresh fruit, then we recommend heading to Port Launay waterfall. This is a great spot so come early before it gets too busy and enjoy this natural spot. There is a cool pool to swim in at the base of the waterfall which you could enjoy as a family. It is a very easy 5 minute from the parking area to walk up to the waterfall. Pick up some samosas from the local “Indian” shops on route to snack on whilst there. 

Head across the road to the turquoise waters at Port Launay beach. This is a lovely white sand beach with soft sand and depending on the time of year calm shallow waters. Best to visit from (Dec-March). Depending on the age of your kids, you could always take the short drive north to Baie Terney and check out the excellent snorkeling. You have to wade quite far out into the sea. If you fancy a special treat, then we’ve heard De La Place is a great spot. Otherwise, if you’re on a budget, then head across the road from the parking lot for Port Glaud beach and you will find “Tasty Corner Fast Food” selling local Creole food. 

Pre-book a horsehide with Turquoise stables for a truly memorable adventure. The cost of riding is so reasonable, and the owners are incredibly kind. We highly recommend this for animal and nature lovers. For an adrenaline pumping adventure try zip-lining at Constance Ephelia Hotel.  

You might have to back track a little (about 10 minutes) if you’ve gone to Turquoise stables but the viewpoint from our next location is absolutely worth it. Head back up the West Coast Road, stopping off at Island Café to pick up some take-out Creole food then take a right up the Sans Soucis Road to the Tea Factory; although the Tea Factory itself is not necessarily the highlight, we love the Tea Tavern Nature Walk. This walk could stretch to be around 30 minutes if you take your time and visit each look out. You and your children will be able to see the amazing carnivorous plants, Attenborough's pitcher plants. Make sure to come here later in the afternoon (after 3:30 when the sun is not so hot). Find a spot to enjoy your food. 

Head back home/hotel and make sure you take the time to enjoy a quiet evening drink with your partner. This is sacred time and sometimes it doesn’t happen, but if it’s a lucky occasion where the kids have been thoroughly tired out after the day we’ve planned ( which is a good thing) then make sure to make whatever local beverage makes you happy and toast to your loved one. Maybe you foraged some local citronnel, or picked up some SeyTea or have a local cocktail in mind such as creamy coconutty pina colodas, whatever it may be we are raising our glass to you too, the travelling families who know the good stuff in life. 

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