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Here are some ideas to hopefully help you enjoy the wet weather.

We love rainy days in Seychelles! It’s so refreshing and cooling as well as exciting to see the change in weather. The rain seems to come and go, and after living a couple of years in the U.K., this is not the same kind of bleak, gray long-lasting stretches of never-ending rain. Granted, if you’re on a short holiday, it could be a bit of a rain on your parade. I suppose it’s all about perspective. So, here are some ideas to hopefully help you enjoy the wet weather. To start, the first 5 have nothing to do with going anywhere. So, if you’re in hopes that we had the inside know on some epic indoor entertainment scene that would blow your mind, you’re wrong my friend. But we hope to inspire and also provide useful tips for some ventures on the later end of the list. Enjoy.

Stayin In

Cuppa Tea

How very English and so quaint to do here in Seychelles on a veranda overlooking the sea, so long as the rain isn’t pouring into your veranda that is. We like to make tea and scones ~ check out our blog on gluten free flour scones. The coconut cream here is a must for subbing clotted cream and the local jams do just fine. Try the local tea here which is black tea scented with local vanilla. Don’t have the facilities to bake? You could always pick up some banana beignets from the local Indian run convenience shops or pop by Ma Boulangerie in Beau Vallon which has a variety of French pastries.

Snuggle up

If you’re on holiday I presume you’ve come here for a relax. It’s not really a busy city check list kind of place. Take this opportunity to be totally Zen. Switch off your phone, grab your book and snuggle up with your loved ones. If you’re not into reading, simple tune in to watching the rain, practise being present. Run a warm bath, light some candles. Take some time to do those selfcare things you keep meaning to do but never have any time to do ~ deep breathing, meditation, yoga, tai chi, massage, etc. Needing holidays to switch off means also building a stronger connection with yourself and your loved ones.

Board games, cards and cocktails

You don’t need to be on holiday to make a justification for some fun and games. Sometimes putting on the right Spotify playlist can get you in a fun rainy-day mood for a bit of poker and tequila. Lots of the hotels have games in their lobbies/cafes.

Get stuff done

If the Seychelles is your home, do those home projects you’ve been putting off. De-clutter, go through your things and assess if they truly bring you joy. If the response when looking at the said items is no, then bag it up and donate it asap. Clean. It does need doing, and it’s not a bad time to be doing it. If the Seychelles isn’t your home and you don’t need to clean your place maybe you need to finish some e-mails, phone calls, journaling or researching for your next adventure for the next sunny day in Seychelles.

Learn something new

Learn Creole. It’s the local language and using any creole here will help you run a hard bargain with the locals. Or learn a new game with your loved ones and have fun playing it with some groovy tunes on in the background. Try a new recipe and cook up a warm comforting pot of goodness.

Going out and about

Take a Splash- Be wild and free!

It is not cold when it rains in the Seychelles. Don’t let a bit of rain stop you from swimming! It’s not like you don’t plan on getting wet! We went to this great little beach across from Big Blue Divers on Mahe island and played in the waves while the rain continued to pour down. The sea was warmer than the rain, so it was like being in a cozy bath simultaneously with a refreshing shower overhead. We chased each other all over the beach and didn’t have to worry about sunblock or bumping into sun bathers, we had the whole beach to ourselves and frolicked and ran wild. Why not?!

Book a spa day

If you can splash out financially than go for the splurge at one of the many high-end hotel spas there are here in Seychelles. Alternately, there are a few budget friendly spas including La Veda Spa in Beau Vallon, Mahe which offers a couple’s massage for 1000 rupees for an hour.

Visit Takamaka Rum Distillery

The Seychelles tourism board advise visiting Rum Distillery of Takamaka in La Plaine St Andre on a rainy day. We’re not so sure. However, there is a restaurant and a bar in beautiful colonial style. Check out a guided tour in this lush location followed by a rum tasting. Bring your umbrella.

Visit Victoria and these indoor friendly points of interest:

Visit Art Galleries

Klewyn House in Victoria is one of the best preserved 19th century buildings in Victoria and contains a good amount of talent from local artists.

George Camille Art Gallery is situated in a lovely old wooden house which has a mini gallery and café perfect for a rainy-day cappuccino.

Note there are many artists around the island if you feel like doing a little road trip, especially in the South of the Island including local favourite, Michael Adams Art

Visit the Natural History Museum

This has a display of the indigenous birds, marine life, tortoises, extinct species and geology. Currently closed though.

Visit the History Museum

It could be more interactive but for those interested in the history of the islands, it boasts a respectable overview and will keep you dry.

Go Shopping

Don’t expect upmarket boutiques or bargain markets. The centre of Victoria has some shopping areas with kiosks and souvenir shops where you can find sarongs, coconut crafts, shell jewellery and decorative pieces. The Craft Centre located at Anse Aux Pins carries locally made crafts and is worth a visit. You could always pop into Eden island for a more modern shopping experience with a several shops selling chic souvenirs, clothing and jewellery. However, remember there’s no closed in mall here so bring your umbrella.

Dine out

Sam’s Pizzeria is a good place to stay dry and watch the hustle bustle down below in town. The pizza here is pretty legit but they also serve up burgers, toasted sandwiches, grilled fish and do take away. It’s a popular place for locals and tourists alike. We’ve never been as its expensive, but looks like it has a nice view.

Arul Mihu Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple

Take in this beautiful architecture and atmosphere. This is a sacred space for prayer which does allow visitors to come in respectfully to enjoy the serenity here.

Cathedral of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception

Historically this is a point of interest and also has beautiful stained-glass windows.

If you’re on Praslin

We’ve been told that visiting Vallee de Mai even on a rainy day is exceptional. The water trickling down the massive leaves creates a natural orchestra and is an experience on its own.

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