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For most people, there are no visa regulations in place to enter Seychelles for up to three months; this visitor permit is renewable, not exceeding three months at each renewal, for a maximum of twelve months.

Conditions state that the foreigner:

  • is not a prohibited immigrant; and

  • is not holder of a valid permit which entitles that holder to reside in Seychelles.

  • You must hold a valid return or onward ticket for duration of visit;

  • have confirmed accommodation;

  • have sufficient funds for duration of the stay. (Minimum of US$ 150.00 or equivalent per day).

Expats will have to obtain a residence permit, or a Gainful Occupation Permit GOP, to stay in the country for an extended period and also take up employment. The application can be done by the expat, in case they are self-employed, or the Seychelles employer at the Director General of Immigration. 

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