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Image by Angel Sinigersky


Healthy Living

Vitality provides some health food in their shop. You can also buy Himalayan brand at most pharmacies which is a more natural based product made with Ayurvedic science from India. The main grocery stores STC and ISPC sell some organic products that fluctuate greatly from week to week. You can’t rely on there always being organic oat bran or tahini for example. Many people tend to stock up on what they find and like in case the next shipment is not for a long time or the particular product does not come again. Some of the vegetables are local and organic, hard to know really but I know a local farmer who sells to STC; however, his products aren’t clearly indicated. We buy Geffroy’s Farm products which touts being chemical. Pay heed as the imported goods they sell are not chemical free, be sure to ask what is local and organic.

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