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Our top 10 (Non-Greek) Restaurants in Cyprus

Cyprus is famed for its delicious Mediterranean fare. Souvlaki, Sheftalia. Pork chops, etc. However, what happens after a few meals when you want to expand your taste buds, yet every restaurant you pass seems to be selling the same old food. Don’t get me wrong, there are some delicious traditional Greek restaurants, but as vegetarians it could be repetitive having Greek salads and the same three dips of hummus, tzatziki and tahini every day. So, here is our top 10 alternative food joints in Cyprus, in no particular order.



There is absolutely no reason to go to Tersefanou, just outside Larnaca unless you visiting To Patrikon, which is technically a Greek restaurant, but it is Greek food with a twist. This was probably our go to restaurant when we had visitors. It is a family run restaurant; the name means my father’s house. They all work together to serve up a delicious mezze for a very reasonable price. The chefs were even able to cater for our vegetarian needs (Not easy in a meat focussed country), and time after time brought out some amazing fare, including one of our favourites okra and cauliflower in a tahini sauce, alongside 10 or so other dishes, some delicious bread and a small authentic desert.


St Lazarus Bakery has a place in our heart mainly since our good friend Kyriakos is the baker, and an amazing one at that. He slaves away all night making delicious treats, such as pastries, cakes and breads. They also do a great coffee, are open late as it is usually a vibing place. Our daughter LOVED the zucchini pancakes! We recommend enjoying the views over St Lazarus Square with some coffee and inhouse baking.


The Landmark, although seemingly a Greek taverna has a secret ingredient. A fantastic Indian chef who creates the best authentic Indian dishes on the island. You can choose to sit the traditional setting, or they offer take out. The food is amazing (Although we can’t comment on the Greek menu as we also ate Indian), and they always catered to our tastes.  We loved it so much we even placed an order from the airport at Athens and picked it up once we had touched down and were heading home.


The Silver Pot was probably our favourite food joint in the capital, serving up a range of delicious dishes with a cool hippy vibe. They do breakfast and lunch and close around 5. They also have a great selection of treats. We are fond of their hummus.


On the northern side of Cyprus there are a number of good restaurants, and a change up from the souvlaki restaurants. It has a daily changing menu, but our favourite thing about this place is that it’s also a book shop and is totally charming.


Another great Indian joint, but this time in Paphos and probably more notable for its funky interior than its food. Don’t be mistaken, the food is good (although we preferred The Landmark), but for ambience/food it’s a good choice for a tasty curry.


The Hummus Bar in Limassol was always a great stop for a cheap and tasty bite. They can knock up a fresh wrap with a range of fillings ready to eat on the roadside seats or takeaway down to the promenade. It’s a little awkward to drive too, or at least park, so best walk or bike. It’s no far from the top end of the Anexartisias (The main shopping street).


Soul Café is a great vegan spot hidden away in the middle of Larnaca. The food is all freshly prepared with love and the small menu provides a delicious range of salads and wraps. It closes fairly early so generally hit this place for lunch or early dinner. They also have some great vegan baking on offer and the prices are fairly reasonable for the quality of food provided.


Tasties is a unique joint in the heart of the ancient village Pano Lefkara, halfway between Larnaca and Limassol. It’s a beautifully remodelled antique building that serves delicious, and vast portions in a great setting. Choose between the attractive outdoor courtyard or the ornately decorated rooms inside. The food is great and the prices fair, but the opening hours are random, so check online, and possibly call before heading out there. Last time we checked they only opened on the weekend during the day.


We found this spot days before we left Cyprus on a bike ride around Limassol. Tucked away at the top of Anexartisias they are a raw/vegan café with a select menu and some great raw treats. The owners are lovely and have created a cute (if not hidden away down a not particularly lovely alley) spot. We never truly got to experience their food fully but had a delicious coffee with a couple of well-thought-out raw treats.

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