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Recently we saw a post online requesting for help learning about more economical options for a wedding in the Seychelles. We can’t imagine the cost of a wedding at some of the high end hotels here and so we're here to help those brides and grooms who still want to get married in paradise, but on a tighter budget.


Recently I saw a post online requesting for help learning about more economical options for a wedding in the Seychelles. I can’t imagine the cost of a wedding at some of the high end hotels here and so I’m here to help those brides and grooms who still want to get married in paradise but on a tighter budget. All of the weddings I have witnessed here look the same, if I’m honest. They all have the canopies with some flowers and are on the beach. So personally, coming from someone who had a budget but stunning wedding abroad, I don’t think you need to go via the hotel route (unless this is of course your dream, then by all means go for it). Every single beach here is beautiful, you’re hard pressed to find one ugly spot to get married. However, honestly, a lot of the canopy beach weddings I see set up could be in WAY nicer spots. They are usually just next to the road and in the hot sun. So, here is what I would do, and this is what we did for our wedding in Sorrento, Italy therefore it is a tried and tested method which we feel was the BEST WEDDING EVER! 

Find an Airbnb that is within your budget and has access to an area which you feel would be perfect for a wedding. If you want someone here to check it out for you personally, don’t hesitate to ask us and we’d be happy to scope out the place for you (just contact us via Facebook or e-mail). 

What we did for our wedding was get a big villa with lots of accommodation, then we asked for a contribution to be paid by everyone for their stay at the villa. We made sure it had a pool and spectacular views to enjoy. We love food and drink so for us it was essential to have a nice big family kitchen for cooking and in our case, pouring wine. If you cannot find a reasonable place with enough space for you and your loved ones then perhaps look at renting accommodation near each other and making sure your spot is the best for the big day. If you want to get married at the beach and your accommodation is not there then simply arrange for transport either through hire car or taxi. Note that off season for the Seychelles is Dec-March. The accommodation rates should be cheaper during these months and aside from Christmas time, it should be quieter on the beaches. Also, you’re saving money by staying in an Airbnb because the cost of eating out here is so high. Learn to eat like the locals, and grab fresh fish and vegetables sold at the markets dotted around the island. This is certainly more fresh and more organic than eating at a restaurant. I have eaten fish twice and two different Hiltons and been very disappointed with the chewy tough meat versus what we make at home and it costs one tenth of the price.  

Look at pictures to see what kind of décor you like. I think people choose the Seychelles because it already is so beautiful. The décor I see set up for the weddings is so simple and easily could fit in a suitcase. You could pack light materials and even battery lit candles for an evening sunset wedding or pick a canopy of leaves on a beach to make a romantic and natural wedding. I see a lot of these canopies set up in the hot afternoon sun and it seems quite hot in my opinion that’s why I feel like ensuring you’ve got the materials you want for shade are essential. Or why don’t you try some of these alternative altar ideas? Gazebo, String Lighting, Candles, light breezy material), or this rainbow organza, so fun! 

Break away from traditions. If somethings on a wedding checklist of must haves don’t make your heart feel sing, then ditch them. You don’t need to emulate anything. We sure didn’t. My friends took pictures which made me feel relaxed and natural, and cost thousands and thousands less than a photographer. We actually invested in a good quality camera instead of paying for a photographer which then was a great thing to gift ourselves in the long term. We bought a Canon EOS Camera.

My husband is a trained chef and he did all of the food for our wedding day. We chose to do family style platters of local cheeses, meats, olive oils, grilled and raw vegetables, olives, grapes etc because for us, this is our favourite style of eating. We were fortunate because one of our friends attending is a professional cake maker, but you could ask a loved one to make your cake if you have a kitchen as part of your Airbnb. In the Seychelles you could hire someone to do the catering for you and have a beach feast, lay out beautiful blankets, tapestries and bring cushions and some twinkle lights (As mentioned above). Or choose a special restaurant and indulge in a 5-star meal. Or why not just the two of you dine at one of the best restaurants on the island? So romantic and intimate.

Do your own alcohol, just stock up on your favourite wines and let people pour their own. If you fancy cocktails then you might want to kindly ask someone to be your barman. 

Do your own music. We liked using Spotify to prepare our wedding playlist. We recommend these speakers to take with you. 

Design your own ring through an Etsy artist. My engagement ring was made using upcycled gold and diamonds with neat histories from both parts. It would be a travesty to get married in Africa and to support blood diamonds. Do your research and support conflict free diamond sellers.

You can order silk flowers and easily pack those as they are so light. I love these simple dried cotton stems. Or the more traditional and elegant cala lilies.  

Don’t buy a traditional wedding dress. Think about the venue you’re getting married in. Does heavily beaded, silk dress sound beachy? Not really in my humble opinion. Find light sexy dresses that make you feel feather like. The humidity here can be like 100% so ideally the lighter the better. 

I hope you found this article useful and helpful and if you needed any extra help or support on your wedding planning in the Seychelles please feel free to contact us. My husband is an extremely talented photographer as photography is one of his absolute passions. We also love doing beautiful food and are happy to help with your special day. 



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