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Locally there are around 20 varieties, our favourite are the small sweet snack sized ones. They use bananas for a local dessert called Ladob or for Kat Kat which is a mix of bananas and fish. You also find many small shops selling banana donughts or “beignets” as well as gato banann which means banana cake. Lastly, Banana chips are a popular any time of day snack. Our favourite are the tiny bananas and we currently have a bushel hanging on our porch. They're so versatile and we use them for all sorts. Putting in pancakes, making bread, and we also have a Yonanas which is a machine that turns frozen bananas into ice-cream. That's right. Totally delicious, vegan ice-cream.

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Organic Dried Papaya Spears (Strips) 500g

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