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  • Dave Danger

Why do we live abroad?

We’re often asked the question, why do you still live abroad, now that you have kids? And it’s a good question. We could move home. Then we’d have access to health care, babysitting, child benefits, etc. People say, “But don’t the kids miss their grandparents?” Yes, they do. Fortunately, we have amazing parents who support us however they can. We know they miss us all dearly, and it’s something we battle with daily. But we’re so appreciative of their support and understanding, and unfortunately don’t always get to share it.

So why don’t we go home? Sure we could go back. Life would definitely be easier. Regular access to babysitters, daily support, someone to help clean the house, make dinner, or just give you the emotional support that only a parent can provide. In the end however, the pros outweigh the cons, especially now. The kids are experiencing different cultures, socialising with a range of people, living a life they couldn’t if we moved home. They’re respectful, fun, mature yet childish in a way they would never be. They never question why someone is different. They understand when people are being cruel. They protect and support each other in everything. They learn, experience, socialise, adapt as only a world schooler can. They make their own decisions, chose what to eat, what to wear, how to act. In all, they’re brilliant. But they are our kids and of course we’d think that.

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